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  1. Hi everyone.....
    I am seriously going to start posting on the blog section at least every 4 days or so. The events section is in drastic need of updating, i know, and i should really add more to the DIY...there's definitely a neglect issue here! :( I've been working on my new Homeschool Hangout Zone website an awful lot lately, and I've been neglecting this one too much. Unfortunately, I just got another idea for an entire business today; creating customized emoticons for websites, forums, and chats. Everyone does customized webpages and logos, but who does emoticons?! The sad part of this is that I have a bad habit of showering less attention on older projects while I'm in the start-up stage of a new project...but, now that I've noticed this issue, I am determined not to fall into it again and I will divide my time equally between these sites/projects/school work/food/sleep. Gulp. I hope.
    Thank you for your patience while I came to terms with this problem :( ... hehehee!!

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  3. AnonymousJune 14, 2010

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